Hangover Fun Facts - 10 Things You Should Know!


While hangovers aren’t fun, these facts sure are. Whether you’re lying in bed after a wild night of drinking or enjoying a hangover-free morning, here are some short and sweet little-known facts about hangovers! Sit back, drink some Prevention, and enjoy that sweet hangover-free feeling.

  1. When you drink alcohol, your liver produces a toxin called acetaldehyde, which is the culprit for that awful hangover and is said to be 10-30 times as toxic as alcohol. According to various studies, this toxin is the reason you sweat, become nauseous, and vomit after a night of drinking.

  2. People in Oregon post most frequently about hangovers on Instagram, which could be due to the state’s many breweries. It isn’t called America’s “Beer Capital” for nothing!
  1. Stay away from whiskey: Dark liquors cause worse hangovers due to high concentrations of congeners, which are metabolized into the toxin formaldehyde as they travel through your body. Stick to the Grey Goose! 
  1. Breakfast is the most popular hangover-related meal (we suggest you enjoy some Never Too Hungover Boost with those scrambled eggs and bacon!) 
  1. The DrinkAde formula, which features a blend of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, transforms the toxic acetaldehydes into a harmless acid that is easily processed and diffused by the body, therefore saving you from the ever-so-painful symptoms of a hangover.
  1. On average, January claims the most hangover-related posts on Instagram.
  1. An expensive problem: Researchers at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center and the University of California, San Francisco discovered that hangovers are estimated to cost $148 billion each year due to hungover individuals calling in sick to work or performing poorly on the job. 
  1. According to a poll by FiveThirtyEight, of the 571 respondents who said they worked full time, 6 percent admitted to going into work hungover each month and 20 percent said they’ve showed up hungover within the year.
  1. A super hangover: In a survey conducted in 2016 by The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated, Super Bowl hangovers impacted a whopping 62% of people surveyed, with 34 percent ‘fessing up to calling in sick and another 28 percent showing up late.
  1. Some people are more at risk for hangovers than others, simply due to genetic makeup. Additionally, women are more susceptible than men.

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