New York Post and Men's Health feature our products in head-to-head reviews

Over the 2017 holiday season, Never Too Hungover was featured as one of the several hangover solutions tested and came out as the ideal Hangover Prevention drink by both the New York Post and Men's Health!

"If you’re feeling a tad queasy while reading this, maybe you’ve gone over the top with your holiday celebrations. All that spiked eggnog and New Year’s bubbly can mean miserable morning-afters.

Cue a flood of products on the market that claim they can help prevent or remedy those pesky hangovers. But do they actually work? I bravely set out to get drunk over four nights to test four such cures. Consider it a holiday gift, from my liver to yours..."

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Men's Health Hangover Article

"Let’s face it: popular hangover cures are a dime a dozen and, if you’re anything like me, you’ve tried a few of them after a night of ethanol-fueled debauchery with a disappointing grand total of zero to no effect. It just seems that old-school hangover remedies such as extra water, a big glass of orange juice, a fat-filled meal, a cup of black coffee, electrolytes, ibuprofen, ginger ale, a cold shower and the infamous “hair of the dog” make nary a dent in a legitimately alcohol-swamped brain (although, to be fair, one fringe Chinese study investigated 57 different beverages and found that lemon and lime soda can indeed process alcohol out of your system more quickly)..."

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