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Never Too Hungover claims to be a hangover prevention drink and since each hangover I get seems to be worse than the one before, I was anxious to try it. According to the directions you should have a 3.5 oz bottle every 3-5 drinks and for maximum prevention have two bottles. Upon cracking the seal the smell of the drink itself wasn’t too appealing but again if it keeps me from getting a hangover I could care less. Now on with the fun part…


What better way to test Never Too Hungover than a night on the town with friends? The Beers, shots and bourbon was free flowing. After the first 2 bars, I decided to drink a bottle of Never Too Hungover. The taste was a bittersweet and vitamin like. Onward into our night of debauchery I downed another bottle of NTHO, chased it with a bottle of water and called it night.


Waking up the next morning I was expecting to feel the painful effects of last nights festivities. To my surprise I actually felt pretty good, considering I had drank like a fish the night before. I can honestly say that Never Too Hungover significantly reduced the side effects of the drinks. I wasn’t 100% the day after, but I wasn’t feeling sick at my stomach and I didn’t have a headache. My only complaint about the product is the taste and smell, but it did make me feel better so I pass it off as a minor inconvenience. Overall I’d rate the product a 4.5 out of 5 for effectiveness.

Never Too Hungover was gifted to The Wanderlusty by Never Too Hungover.  We love introducing new products to our readers but our opinions are our own and always BRUTALLY HONEST. <3

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