Adrienne Maloof sits down with The Doctors to talk about her new hangover prevention drink Never Hungover. Adrienne mentions how you don't need to be a drinker to benefit from the vitamin packed supplement. She then recommends that they take the 2oz drink per ever 4 alcoholic drinks before or during drinking.

Parrish Whitaker, the creator of Never Hungover, also appears on the show to give the backstory of the product. Parrish explains how his sister's Lupus diagnosis after a kidney transplant, the doctor prescribed this holistic formula for her recovery. When the entire family started drinking the vitamins, he realized that it was a great hangover prevention product.

Additionally, The Doctors get in the the specifics of "What is a hangover?" They explain how your liver metabolizes alcohol, turning it into Acetaldehyde, which is what causes the hangover symptoms.

At the end of the video, The Doctors discuss other hints to cut down on hangover symptoms in addition to Never Hungover.