What These Popular Drinks Say About You Pt. I











We all know that things we do have an effect on what others think of us. Whether it’s the clothing we wear, the words we use, or the alcohol we [sometimes] abuse, these things shape the opinions and judgments others make about us - most oftenly immediately.

Never Too Hungover is not a clothing line. Never Too Hungover is not a lesson in grammar or manners.  Never Too Hungover is a hangover prevention and recovery drink that can help improve all alcohol related aspects of your life.  This is why NeverTooHungover.com is going to tell you…..

What These Popular Drinks Say About You


  • Vodka Red bull - “At least I’ll remember the Uber ride here” 
  • Vodka Soda - “Impossible to have an opinion about this beverage, it’s like having an opinion about paper.”
  • Vodka Tonic - “What diet are you on?”


  • “Wine is for drinking alone and feeling fabulous about it.”
  • “Wine is great because even when you’re drinking a low-class cheap wine, you still look really classy.”
  • You weren’t going to drink tonight, and wine doesn’t really count as “drinking.”


  • Regular Beer - “Is this worth 10 trips to the bathroom to get drunk?”
  • Fancy/Craft Beer - “I should have just bought a cocktail.”
  • Actually, all “beer” says about you is you’re not gluten-free.

Never Too Hungover

As you can see, every drink sends mixed signals. To avoid sending mixed signals (and drinks), gulp a Never Too Hungover and show everyone that you can, “Play hard tonight and Feel Great Tomorrow.” Your friends will be jealous and catch on.

*It is important to note that these are not facts, they are opinions*






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