Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

We know that finding a costume on Halloween can be a little hectic, especially if it's left to the last minute. Not to worry! Below are some last minute DIY Halloween costume ideas:

1) Black Shirt + Siri Logo = Siri

2) Hat + Sunglasses + Ziplock Bag = Walter White

3) Suit + Grey Paint Swatches = 50 Shades of Grey

4) Tux/Suit + Paper Bag = Shia Labeouf

5) Red Polka Dot Headscarf + Blue Collared Shirt = Rosie the Riveter

6) Eyeliner + Blue shirt = Jim Halpert's "BookFace"

7) Popsicle sticks + Fisherman's Hat = Wilson

8) Your clothes + Cardboard + String + Marker = A Nudist on Strike

9) Shirt + Tape + Nickels = Nickelback

We hope you enjoyed these fast and easy last minute ideas for your Halloween costume! If you're planning to have a few drinks, don't forget to get your Never Hungover and prevent that awful hangover on Saturday!

Here's a quick list of retailers where you can get your last minute Never Hungover for Halloween night: 


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