Best Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year again. The one ALL of your friends seem to love more than Christmas. Yes, Halloween is rapidly approaching.. and yes, we know you still don’t have a costume.

Don’t fret friends, you still have some time… We have put together a list of costumes that are perfect for your lazy, procrastinating, hungover, drunk, or on the way to drunk selves. Get ready to wow the naysayers and even the best-dressed halloweenies at whichever party you better not be driving toThe following ideas will save you and make your friends laugh this Halloween:

A Hot Spot

  • Fire + Wifi = Hot Spot 
  • What kind of fire do you have at your disposal? Be creative! Except that...that might be a bad idea....wait no...GREAT IDEA! 
Hot spot costume

    404 Error

    • Costume not found. GET IT?
    • Print this out and carry it with you or write it on the first white shirt you find. Extra points if it’s not your shirt. Extra Extra points if you write it on your bare beer belly.


      • Or, as Dwight calls it, Book-Face.
      • If one of your drunk friends needs a costume, hand them a sharpie! Or better yet, tell them it’s not a permanent marker and write it on their face for them.
      The Office Jim

         Arguing Siblings

        • "But mooooooooooom"
        • Find an oversized t-shirt that two people can fit into, and write on the front something along the lines of:
          • "We love each other more than arguing" 
          • "My brother is my BEST FRIEND" (could also say sister)
          • "We chose this shirt instead of ice cream"
          • Or the classic, "Our Get Along Shirt"

           A Ceiling Fan

          • Feeling lazy? Feeling overheated? Tired of those dirty floors? Now is your chance to get past all that. Be a fan of ceilings.....a... CEILING FAN!
          Ceiling Fan



            Honorable Mentions:


            The Brawny Man
            • You got scruff? You got a flannel? Buy a roll of paper towels and flaunt it!


            A Blacked-Out Version of Yourself
            • Pretty self-explanatory, but the way you interpret this really says a lot about your drinking habits.
            • Wear all black or remember only black - either way, you're gonna want to have some NTH handy


              Walter White
              • There is no better time to wear glasses, a button up, and tighty-whities. Grab some blue rock candy if you can!
                Walter White Costume

                However you dress this halloween, have a scary good time. Remember to stay safe, have fun, and bring a Never Too Hungover with you wherever you go! After all, Halloween is on a Monday this year 👻 🎃


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