10 Random Beer Facts!

  • Beer is mostly composed of *drumroll*.... WATER! Common, we all know that!
  • Beer is the most popular beverage in the world, just behind water and tea.
  • Ever heard the term 'Beer belly'? Scientist suggest pouring your beer into a chilled glass to release the carbon dioxide and prevent it from expanding in your stomach, hence why people often get unwanted bloating.
  • Most beers fall into one of two categories: Ales and Lager.
  • The first professional brewers were all women. Shout out to my ladies!
  • Hops is the main ingredient that makes beer bitter... but what you didn't know is that hops is a type of flower!
  • The first beer can was invented in 1935... hmm, not even a century old yet!
  • Saying 'cheers' while having a beer with friends is an old ancient tradition people did believing that the clinking helped protect people's lives.
  • Beer contains vitamins B1, B2 and B6 and B7. B vitamins have many positive health benefits including stimulating metabolism, formation of red blood cells, and even helping to improve concentration.
  • And lastly, while you're reading this, about 50 million people around the world are drunk right now. So go have yourself a beer and happy fri-yay!

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