7 Ways Never Too Hungover Can Improve Your Party

Never heard of Never Too Hungover? Now it’s time. Never Too Hungover is a vitamin-packed supplement that helps your body process alcohol, thus helping prevent hangovers the next day. Learn more here. 

Below we list 7 ways Never Too Hungover will improve your party.

1. Who Likes Being Hungover?

Nobody. When you and your guests wake up the next day without the miserable feeling of a hangover, guess who’s popular for handing out NTH at the party? YOU. Options...

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2. Guests Love a Treat.

NTH is filled with vitamins that play a role in giving your body the support it needs as you down on, well, liquor. Your guests will love the treat, and may even shake in happiness the next day thanking you later. NTH is packed with potassium, milk thistle, vitamin B, green tea extract, aloe vera, electrolytes, antioxidants and minerals. Learn More.

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 3. Sugary Drinks Are Overrated.

Your guests will be especially impressed to know that your concocted cocktails and margaritas are sweetened with a healthy hangover prevention drink! A better option than sugary syrups that worsen hangovers and derail their health, weightloss and fitness goals. We call this a win-win. (Yes, NTH is deliciously sweet and sugar-free! Check out these recipes for Bloody Maria and Sangria for your next party.)

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 4. The Best Conversation Starter. Trust Us.

Need an excuse to break the ice? Just bring a Never Too Hungover bottle over and tell him/ her about its magic: “Wow, that really exists?! No way.” ---- Yes, way.

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 5. A Little Less Worry, A Little More Fun.

How refreshing to know that extra drink is not going to cost you a whole day of suffering tomorrow. For optimal results, take one 3.5oz NTH bottle per every 6 drinks. So if you’re a heavy drinker, make sure to take that 2nd NTH bottle.

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 6. Wake Up Feeling 100%

Waking up the day after having a great time without feeling the death-like symptoms of a hangover is in itself enough of a reason to get excited over NTH. Now, don’t be surprised if you get texts from your guests thanking you for hooking them up with NTH. It is not uncommon.

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7. Fresh Start

Get a fresh start the day after drinking by enjoying your day thanks to Never Too Hungover. Whether it is work, school or the weekend, feel great and fulfill the day!

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One last note, because we want you to always have the best time! Drink responsibly, take your Never Too Hungover as recommended and NEVER DRINK & DRIVE.

We call this Drinking Smart, and that’s what we’re all about!

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