Sip of Summer Without the Hangover


Summertime calls for refreshing drinks and for watching the waistline! Never Too Hungover is sweet and sugar free, making it a great substitute for all the sugary syrups that are in most drinks.

So, instead of adding sugar-based mixers, which are proven to make hangovers worse, next time you put on your bartender apron, add Never Too Hungover to sweeten your Cocktails. Best part? You’re preventing a lousy hangover!

Enjoy this delicious and sweet tequila cocktail that mixes perfectly with Never Too Hungover.  



Sometimes simplicity wins and creating a complicated cocktail can come out wrong.

Named after the creator of the drink’s father, The Hank will be a star at your next party!


  • 2-3 shots of tequila (reposado or blanco)
  • ½ fresh lime
  • ½ cup of orange juice
  • 3.5 oz of Never Too Hungover
  • 1 slice of orange or lime to garnish



1. Combine tequila, squeezed lime, orange juice and Never Too Hungover in a shaker with ice.
2. Shake & strain into a cocktail glass with ice.
3. Garnish with a slice of orange or twist of lime.
4. Enjoy!

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