5 Tips For Your Bachelorette Pre-Game Party

Many wonder how to plan the ideal bachelorette party weekend. Luckily, we are here to provide you with some advice to ensure a memorable weekend for your girls and the bride-to-be! We have found that it is the small, yet essential details that you should consider to put together the ultimate pre-game for your wild all-girls weekend. 


1. Have Plenty of Liquor 

Of course, liquor! Ask your girlfriends if they’d like to partake in the drinking part of your bachelorette weekend. A good question to ask is which liquor they’d prefer. Everyone has different tastes ; )

If you’re looking for a fun and delicious cocktail idea, make candy infused vodka. Watch the clevar tutorial here: http://mixthatdrink.com/starburst-vodka-tutorial/


2. Remember To Stay Hydrated

The last thing someone wants is for the bachelorette fun to stop due to someone not handling their liquor well. A great hospitality tip is to provide plenty of water and make sure people drink it. Also, be sure to provide bottles of DrinkAde to ensure the whole weekend is not wiped out due to one great bachelorette party. 


 3. Have Fun With Themed Decorations and Games

Pictured: glass shots & straws (shaped according to the occasion *wink), DrinkAde, ring pops and dare dice. Bachelorette survival kits including condoms, breath mints, flavored chapsticks and headache relief medication.

Nothing screams bachelorette more than “bach-themed” decorations and games for the bridal party. One’s imagination can run wild, but there are tons of stuff to play with (pun intended).


4. ...and Themed Desserts :)

This is especially fun when you have a baker in the group. How much more fun can a bachelorette party get when you have “themed” desserts? For those sweet tooth midday or late night munchies, eat some dessert with laughter!


5. Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

The bride and her friends would be beyond thrilled to know they can have all the fun without that dead-to-the-world feeling in the morning to spoil their weekend! Most bachelorettes parties go on longer than just a night, and many have a hard time keeping the party going (or even surviving the next day). Providing a prevention drink like DrinkAde will help make the weekend the most fun it can be! Your girls will thank you later!

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