5 Healthy Hangover Foods For the Morning

...it’s okay, you’re allowed to have a hangover every now and then ;) On top of feeling hungover, we’re sure the last thing you need is to feel guilty about ordering that very large Dominoes pizza. Try these healthy options to ease your mind and help ease the symptoms.

1. Eggs


Easy to digest and gentle on your stomach. Eggs are packed with plenty of protein that your body needs. Foods that are heavy in protein help mop up alcohol’s leftover toxins. *Egg whites are also an effective option.


2. Coconut Water

"Mother Nature’s sports drink." Coconut Water is probably one of the best things for you when you’re hungover. It has potassium in the amount of 4 bananas put together. It can help you recover faster and get those electrolytes back up!


3. Soup

Soup is the kind of food that does everything. The sodium from a cup of soup helps your body retain water. The salt will make you thirsty, so you’re forced to rehydrate. It’s a win-win!


4. Bananas


Your body feels those terrible aches and shakes because of the loss of potassium. Bananas can help improve muscle function and restore your body’s potassium levels.


5. Tea


Green tea and peppermint tea are the top choices. If you’re feeling nauseated, the antioxidants and detoxifying effects will help soothe your stomach. Also serves as a good digestion aid. 

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