Never Hungover Celebrity Shout Outs

One of our Brand Ambassadors, Jennifer Tapiero was at the World of Wonder Event and she got to chat with a few popular Bravo celebrities. Watch the videos below to see their excitement about Never Hungover!


Bleona from Euros of Hollywood

You might recognize Bleona from her riskay outfit from the latest AMA’s. She was far from shy to say hi to our lovely host and give Never Hungover a shoutout.

Lilly Ghalichi from Shahs of Sunset

Lilly said she NEEDS a product like Never Hungover to help beat those KILLER hangovers after a night out with her fiance. Thank you for the shoutout, Lilly!

Briana, Christy & Todd from Little Women of LA

The Little Women of LA cast were very interested in trying Never Hungover after they heard how it helps prevent hangovers. Thank you for the shoutout!

Never Hungover is already enjoyed by millions, but it’s still exciting to watch how people react when they discover how simple it is to prevent a hangover!


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