Do Dark Liquors Cause Worse Hangovers?


And the answer is... yes they do. Dark-hued beverages, such as bourbon, whiskey, red wine and rum, all bring on that hangover that’s very hard to beat. The reason being is, these liquors contain high concentrations of a compound called congeners. These compounds are responsible for the distinct taste and aroma found in dark-hued liquors, which make them so delicious especially in colder weather. But as congeners travel through your body, they’re metabolized into formaldehyde. Yep! And formaldehyde is a toxin, which definitely does not belong in your body. Your bad morning hangovers are a concrete way of telling you that.

Not to worry! Never Hungover is a vitamin-packed formula that neutralizes bad toxins, such as formaldehyde, that are caused from alcohol consumption. So before you order your Jack & Coke, get some Vitamin B, potassium, aloe vera, milk thistle and green tea extract into your system (a.k.a. drink a Never Hungover). These vitamins will work for you while you sip on your drinks, and you’ll feel great tomorrow!

In order to optimize the prevention of a bad hangover, drink 1 Never Hungover (2 oz. bottle) for every 4 alcoholic drinks. Even dark-hued liquors won’t stand a chance.  And as always, drink smart! If you do drink, take your Never Too Hungover with you and call Uber.

Happy smart drinking!

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