Trick or Treat? Give Me Something Good to Drink!


Halloween in the adult world is all about the parties and cocktails! This year, plan in advance and mix in DrinkAde to your spooky drinks so the morning after halloween isn't a killer! The tasty dietary supplement can be consumed between drinks or used as a mixer to help neutralize and process the toxins caused by alcohol in your liver so you can party hard on Halloween and wake up feeling great! DrinkAde is also comprised of a natural vitamin blend, antioxidants, amino acids, nutrients, and minerals, allowing you to skip the after-effects of alcohol consumption. Below are two creepy cocktails to ensure you have a memorable Halloween!


Morgue- A- Rita

1.5 oz chilled Tequila

3.4 oz bottle of DrinkAde Prevention

Pour and serve in a rocks glass over ice


Witch’s Brew

1.5 oz Dark or Spiced Rum

1.5 oz Pineapple Juice

.75 oz Red Cranberry Juice

3.4 oz bottle of DrinkAde Prevention

Shake all ingredients over ice and strain.

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